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Can DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant meet the environmental protection standard?

As a pioneer in the waste tire/waste plastic pyrolysis industry, Doing Company has been committed to the R&D of environmentally friendly and energy-saving waste tire/waste plastic pyrolysis plant. Here Doing Company can tell you responsibly: our waste tire/waste plastic pyrolysis plant is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment, exhaust gas systems and flue gas purification system, and other environmental protection devices. Environmental protection measures are in place, and the discharge of exhausted gas can all meet national standards.

The following is a detailed introduction of the environmental protection devices equipped with DOING waste tire/waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

1. Pulse dust removal equipment

Pulse dust removal equipment is mainly used to remove solid particulate matter in flue gas, so that its emission can meet the requirements of Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants.

Pulse dust removal equipment

Different from the conventional bag dust removal equipment on the market, the new high-efficiency pulse dust removal equipment adopted by DOING is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. It is a large-scale dust removal equipment with high dust removal efficiency, good dust removal effect and convenient cleaning. In addition, the filter bag of pulse dust removal is made of needle felt surface material, which does not require frequent cleaning, saving time and effort.

2. Exhaust gas purification system

The exhaust gas purification system equipped with DOING waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant is desulfurization&deodorization tower, which is mainly used to remove toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and methane produced during the pyrolysis process.

Exhaust gas purification system

The desulfurization&deodorization tower developed by Doing Company is composed of the buffer tank, spray tower, water seal and circulating water tank. It helps customers to solve the unpleasant odor of exhausted gas and makes the gas emission meet the Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants, Odor Pollutant Discharge Standard, etc. in line with national environmental protection requirements.

3. Flue gas purification system

DOING flue gas purification system - desulfurization and dust removal tower uses the principle of catalyst liquid to remove sulfur dioxide and solid particles in the flue gas, which can make the flue gas emission reach the Air Pollutants Emission Standards.

Flue gas purification system

In addition, compared with the granite desulfurization tower, the FRP desulfurization and dust removal tower adopted by DOING has four advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and good bending resistance.

The pyolysis rate of Henan Doing Company's environmentally friendly waste tire/waste plastic pyrolysis plant can reach more than 99%. There is no black smoke, no peculiar smell, and no pollution in the whole process. Till now, DOING waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plants have been exported to 90+ countries to help customers realize the pollution-free waste tire/plastic recycling and reuses! If you are interested, please contact Henan Doing Company and our sales manager will customize you suitable pyrolysis solutions!

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