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What machinery is required for separate e waste into metal and resin fiber?

It is known that metal and resin fiber in e waste is the most valuable to recycle. We can use the waste circuit board recycling machine to separate e waste into metal and resin fiber.

waste circuit board recycling machineWaste circuit board recycling machine

DOING Group has a wide range of waste circuit board recycling machines with various processing capacities, so you can choose the suitable waste circuit board recycling machine for your needs. This table will give you a specific reference. If you also require a waste circuit board recycling machine with a larger processing capacity, DOING Group can also make the waste circuit board recycling machine for you.

Capacity(Kg/h)   Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h 8000*6000*4200mm 42kw 6000kg ≥99%
200-300kg/h 10000*6000*4200mm 76kw 7500kg
400-500kg/h 16000*8000*4200mm 95kw 8500kg
500-700kg/h 21000*9000*4200mm 140kw 10000kg
800-1000kg/h 24000*10000*4500mm 250kw 14000kg
1500-2000kg/h 28000*20000*5000mm 470kw 19000kg

You can through this video to learn about the working process of DOING waste circuit board recycling machine.

The whole working of process adopts dry type physical separation methods, include shredding, crushing, eddy-vibrating screen, air separation and electrostatic separation with vacuum feeding and pulse dust collection, no fire, no chemical, no secondary waste, total friendly to the environment. With the PLC control system, it could make the waste circuit board recycling machine fully automatic with stable performance, easy to operate. Further with on the spot installation, commissioning and operation training service, it would avoid your trouble on installation and operation. During print circuit board recycling process, print circuit board would be firstly shredded or crushed, then sieved by eddy-vibrating screen and separated through air separation and electrostatic separation, which could achieve the recovery rate 99%. Through this process, you can finally separate the e waste into metal and resin fiber.

DOING Group can provide you with the appropriate waste circuit board recycling machine depending on the kind of final products you want. We have our own factory and engineering team. Any requirement, welcome to contact DOING!

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