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What preparations are needed for the PCB board recycling business?

PCB board recycling business is a hot business all over the world now, which appeal a lot of people to start this business. If you also want to start PCB board recycling business, well, the three important things about raw materials, machinery and final product sales you have to do well.

PCB board recycling machineVarious raw materials

Firstly, what you should do is to collect the waste PCB boards, like copper clad laminates, computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, various waste electrical appliances motherboards, and processing waste, leftovers, etc. It’s better for you if you have the raw materials. However, if you don’t have raw materials, you can collect them at waste stations, home appliance recycling and dismantling centers, recycling companies, SMT factories, circuit board factories, and scrap metal trading markets. Collecting the waste circuit boards is very easy.

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling and sorting equipment

The second thing you should do is to get one set proper PCB board recycling and sorting equipment. Under the advocacy of protecting environment, the machine have to has the advantages of environmental protection. Besides, the machine should separate metals from non-metals with the high sorting rate, as well as protect the quality of final product, which can bring huge profit to us.

PCB board recycling and sorting equipmentSeparated metals and non-metals

As for the final product sales, what we get are mixed metals and resin fiber. Both of them have wide range of application. For example, resin fiber can be made of resin-plastic wood, outdoor benches, floors, etc., and can also be used as filler for wood-plastic products. And the mixed metals can also be sold directly to scrap metal trading markets or copper electrolysis plants and metal purification plants.

Henan Doing Company's PCB board recycling and sorting equipment not only has the advantages of environment protection and high sorting rate, but also low cost, small footprint, high working efficiency. If you are interest in PCB board recycling business, and want to purchase one set PCB board recycling and sorting equipment, welcome to contact us. We will give you our best support.

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