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How to recycle and reuse retired lithium batteries?

Nowadays, as the global new energy industry is booming, the demand for lithium batteries is also increasing as an important part of the new energy field. However, with the widespread application of lithium batteries, the number of retired lithium batteries is also rising year by year. If these retired lithium batteries are not properly handled, they will not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also retired precious resources. Therefore, the recycling of waste lithium batteries has become the focus of the industry.

lithium battery recycling machineLithium batteries

How to effectively recycle retired lithium batteries is an important issue. Traditional recycling methods often require the use of a large amount of chemical reagents, which not only pollutes the environment, but also increases the recycling cost. In addition, there are problems such as low recovery rate and poor recycling quality. In order to solve the problems of traditional recycling methods, we have developed a new process for green and efficient lithium battery recycling equipment.

Retired lithium battery recycling equipment is an important environmental protection device. It can effectively process various waste batteries, separate copper, aluminum, graphite powder and lithium cobalt oxide powder, and achieve efficient recovery of valuable metals.

lithium battery recycling equipmentLithium battery recycling equipment

Retired lithium batteries can be efficiently processed through lithium battery recycling equipment. The working process includes discharge, shredding, carbonization, crushing, screening, etc. First, the used lithium battery is soaked in salt water to short-circuit the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, so that the battery releases excess battery energy. The discharged lithium battery is sent to the shredder for pretreatment, and then enters the carbonization furnace to completely volatilize the electrolyte for subsequent crushing and screening. The lithium battery crushed material enters the crusher for further crushing, and the iron is separated by the magnetic separator. The remaining material enters the drum screen and the airflow specific gravity separator to efficiently recover copper, aluminum and black powder.

DOING lithium-ion battery recycling machine adopts dry mechanical crushing and physical sorting technology to efficiently recover the valuable parts of lithium-ion batteries, such as black powder, diaphragm, copper and aluminum. In addition, our lithium-ion battery recycling machine is also equipped with a gas purification system, which can not only filter out most of the dust contained in the exhaust gas, but also make a variety of mixed exhaust gases meet the emission standards.

lithium battery recycling machineLithium battery recycling equipment

After being processed by the lithium battery recycling machine, copper, aluminum, diaphragm and black substances can be obtained. The separated copper and aluminum can be sold directly to the metal trading market for profit. The black substances are mainly graphite powder and lithium cobalt oxide, both of which have a wide range of uses. Taking graphite powder as an example, graphite powder can be used in environmental protection, energy saving, industrial product manufacturing and other aspects, and its utilization value is very high.

lithium battery recycling machineProducts

Compared with traditional recycling methods, the lithium battery recycling equipment process has the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection: This process uses physical methods for recycling, without the use of chemical reagents, so it will not pollute the environment.

2. High efficiency: The lithium battery recycling machine operates under negative pressure, without dust leakage, and the separation efficiency can reach more than 99%. The equipment can effectively remove impurities such as diaphragms, electrolytes, and binders, improving the recycling efficiency and recycling quality.

3. Economic: It adopts PLC control system and is easy to operate. It saves electricity, manpower, and is highly efficient. The recycling cost of this process is low, which can effectively improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.


In general, the new process of lithium battery recycling equipment is an environmentally friendly, efficient, and economical recycling method with broad application prospects. We believe that in the near future, this process will become the mainstream technology for the recycling of retired lithium batteries and promote the sustainable development of the new energy industry. DOING has been committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient lithium battery recycling machines. If you are interested in lithium battery recycling equipment and want to know more details, please contact us.

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