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How does the waste PCB recycling equipment works?

Do you know e-waste like computer, TV, mobile phones can be recycled by PCB recycling equipment? Do you know what components in waste circuit board can make you profit? Do you know the working process of PCB recycling equipment? After reading this article, I believe you will know the answer.

For every one ton base boards, it include about 40% metal materials and 60% nonmetals, such as gold, copper, iron, plumbum, tin, and some other rare precious metals, like Platinum, palladium, etc. These metals can be separated from waste PCB boards by PCB recycling equipment.

PCB recycling equipmentMetals in waste PCB boards

PCB recycling equipment also called PCB separator machine, the machine is used to recycle the waste PCB board. The working process of PCB recycling equipment include shredding, crushing, eddy-vibrating screen, and electrostatic separation, no fire, no water, no chemical. Use the first hammer crusher to crush the PCB board to crude metals, then goes into the second hammer crusher to crush it again to fine metals. And goes into eddy-vibration screen, the bigger part will go into hammer crusher to crush again. Then separate the PCB Board to mixed metal powder and resin fiber with air separator or electrostatic separator.

PCB recycling equipmentWorking process of PCB recycling equipment

There are two other ways to recycle PCB boards, like using water or fire. But these ways will cause pollution to both air and water. Comparing to traditional method, our PCB recycling equipment adopts total dry type physical method, that means no fire need. The working process of our PCB recycling equipment will not cause any pollution to the air, not mention also can recycle resin fiber, which are valuable.

PCB recycling equipmentDOING PCB equipment machine

We DOING engineer has been study and improve the machine for many years and take all of other clients suggestions seriously, the working process of PCB board recycling equipment and outlook are easy and useful. So if you are interested in our PCB recycling equipment, contact us for more details, DOING will provide you best solution and best machine.

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