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How do I separate copper from scrap cable wires?

With people's awareness of environmental protection and recyclables increase, more and more people aware of the recycling value of scrap cable wires and start the copper wire recycling business for profit. But the method of separating copper from scrap cable wires is different.

Some recyclers adopts the traditional separation method to get copper by washing or burnning, but these separation methods will cause the environment pollution and waste parts of copper or plastic because of the lower recovery rate. Now we adopt one environmental machinery copper wire granulator machine, also called copper cable wire recycling machine which replace the traditional methods to separate copper from scrap cable wires. There is no secondary pollution to the environment. Now we will talk about the process of separating copper from scrap cable wires.

copper wire granulator machine Copper wire granulator machine

The main process of the copper wire granulator machine is crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation.

1. Shredding machine or Crushing machine is used to granulate the scrap cable wires to be small pieces.

2. Air separation to separate out the heavy copper granules by the different gravity between copper and plastic. The separate rate could up to 98% just use air separation.

3. Electrostatic separation to separate out the thin copper granules and plastic through the different electrical property of them. The combine of air separation and electrostatic separation could make sure the recovery rate up to almost 100%. So the separated copper is very pure.

4. We match the dust removal system to collect the dust when operating the machine which ensure it’s fully environmental.

copper wire recycling processThe process of separating copper from scrap cable wires

Then the separated copper could be made of copper ingot if you want to expand your plants or could sell directly to the metals recyclers. The price of copper and plastic on the market is very considerable.

Welcome contact us if you are interested in separating copper from scrap cable wires. we will supply the guidance, analysis your long-terms profit and supply the best machine for you.

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