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15 Ton Daily Capacity Used Tire Pyrolysis Plant Operated Smoothly in Brazil

Good news arrived from our esteemed Brazilian client as their 15 ton per day used tire pyrolysis plant commenced operations smoothly in April of 2024, effectively producing high-quality fuel oil. The resultant tire pyrolysis oil boasts an excellent color, and our client has even conducted a combustion test to further validate its properties.

used tire pyrolysis plant in BrazilDOING 15 ton capacity used tire pyrolysis plant installed in Brazil

To witness the impressive performance of the derived tire pyrolysis oil, kindly view the test video here:

The video showcases the premium color of the tire pyrolysis oil extracted by our advanced DOING used tire pyrolysis plant running system. Our Brazilian client ignited the oil to assess its combustion characteristics. The calorific value of tire pyrolysis oil is approximately 40 MJ/kg, which is an ideal industrial heating fuel, suitable for various sectors such as cement, brick, and glass manufacturing, steel mills, boiler heating, furnace operations, among others. It was this very potential that motivated our client to invest in the waste tire pyrolysis industry. Owning an aluminum factory with substantial daily fuel requirements, they were confronted with soaring oil prices and a need for a cost-effective alternative. Through meticulous market analysis, they resolved to harness the abundance of inexpensive waste tires to generate tire-derived fuel.

used tire pyrolysis oil applicationsUsed tire pyrolysis oil applications

Their quest led them to seek a proficient manufacturer of waste tire pyrolysis machinery, eventually encountering Henan Doing Company. Impressed by our extensive installation expertise, operational videos, and the comprehensive details shared, our Brazilian client reached out for a detailed inquiry on our used tire pyrolysis machines. The sophistication of our technology, choice of materials, emphasis on stability, and eco-friendly equipment configurations aligned perfectly with their project requirements. Consequently, we fostered a harmonious partnership, culminating in the acquisition of a 15-ton capacity used tire pyrolysis plant.

used tire pyrolysis plant in Brazil15TPD used tire pyrolysis plant delivered to Brazil

Should you aspire to set up your own pyrolysis project for recycling and converting waste tires into fuel oil, Henan Doing Company stands ready to assist. We offer end-to-end services tailored to your needs. Embark on your sustainable energy journey with us today.

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