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What is the price of pyrolysis reactor in India?

The prices of pyrolysis reactor in India market offered by pyrolysis plant manufacturers vary from $28000 to more than $650,000, mainly affected by the processing capacity.

You can send us your inquiry about the detailed requirements of pyrolysis reactor, and our company's sales manager will offer the best quotations for you. From batch pyrolysis reactors to the newest technology fully continuous pyrolysis reactors, we can customize them and export them to India according to your specific needs.

Henan Doing Company has customized pyrolysis reactors and waste tire plastic pyrolysis plants for customers in 100+ countries and regions. The Indian market is an important international market for our company, and we have reached friendly cooperation with many Indian customers. Some customers even ordered again and again our company's pyrolysis reactors.

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Here are some reasons why Henan Doing Company is the preferred choice of many customers in India to buy the pyrolysis reactor:

①Top quality raw material selection

Even though the pyrolysis reactor is working under normal pressure, we still manufacture it according to pressure vessel standard. The raw material we usually use for pyroysis reactor is boiler plate Q245R, Q345R or stainless steel as per customers’ request, and all the above plates are purchased from well-known large steel plants in China in order to ensure the plates’ optimum quality performance.

Besides, our pyrolysis reactor is sealed by two elliptical shell heads which are specially processed by pressure vessel factory. With such two seal heads, our pyrolysis reactor can be more pressure resistant and has a higher safety index.

② Good steel plate cutting technology

The quality of a machine depends largely on the quality of the welding seam, and the quality of welding seam is closely related to the cutting of the steel plate. We have plasma cutting machines and laser cutting machines for steel plate processing so that the cutting can be very accurate and done in accordance with the mechanical drawing.

pyrolysis rectorDOING factory has good steel plate cutting technology

③Unique welding process

The thickness of our pyrolysis reactor is minimum 16mm, so normal welding cannot work well.

Our pyrolysis reactor adopts automatic sub-merged arc welding, firstly make a groove on the boiler plate, add soldering flux and then finish the welding process with the automatic welder. Under such welding process, the welding seam is not only strong but also pretty and cannot see any air holes even from X-ray detection, which can greatly guarantee the safety of the pyrolysis reactor.

④Skilled workers

All of our workers for welding pyrolysis reactors have advanced welder certificates. In China, a good welder always enjoys a good salary. The Pyrolysis reactor is the core part of the whole pyrolysis plant, and we will do whatever we can to ensure the quality of the reactor.

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