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Is pyrolysis economically viable?

Many clients want to know if the pyrolysis plant project is economically viable, and the answer is “yes”. Many people all over the world are running this project, and this project has been popular for over 10 years, so the profit of this pyrolysis plant project is relatively considerable.

The pyrolysis plant project is used to recycle the waste plastic/tire/oil sludge to usable oil, carbon black and gas, which can realize the 100% environmental recovery of waste to energy.

pyrolysis plantDOING company waste plastics/tyres pyrolysis plant

The fuel oil has a very high value, but the price of this oil also differs much from different areas. In some European, Latin American and Asian countries, many cement plants, power plants, paper mills and steel mills use pyrolyzed fuel oil from waste tires/waste plastic as industrial heating fuel. And some investors will further refine the pyrolysis fuel oil into diesel. The obtained pyrolysis oil has wide applications.

The carbon black could be made into coal, or more finer carbon black powder to be used in the rubber renewable industry. The profit is also viable.

And the obtained syn-gas can be used to heat the pyrolysis plant reactor as a good heating fuel, at the same time saving your investment cost.

So, how much economic profit can we get from waste recycling pyrolysis plant projects? Let's find out.

Profit analysis(10TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant)
Waste Tyre 10T*30USD/T =300USD
Electricity Consumption 30 USD
Heating fuel(tire oil) 0.4T*500USD/T=200USD
Manpower 3 Workers* 50USD = 150USD
Fuel Oil 4T* 500USD/T = 2000USD
Carbon Black 3T * 50USD/T=150USD
Steel Wires 1.5T* 215USD/T = 322.5 USD
Profit 1792.5USD

In addition, some national governments also provide financial incentives and subsidies for recycling wastes. And it's the equivalent of that you can make more money by developing pyrolysis plant projects.

project casesDOING company pyrolysis plant project cases

Taking all these factors talked above into consideration, it's quite economically viable to develop pyrolysis plant business, well proved in many countries, Mexico, India, Italy, Nigeria, UAE, Bangladesh, Spain, USA, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Botswana, Chile, Ukraine, etc.. If you have plans to set up pyrolysis plant projects, please contact us immediately to customize professional pyrolysis solutions. There are various types and scales of pyrolysis machines at favorable prices for you to choose from!

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