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Is tire derived fuel extracted from pyrolysis plant a renewable fuel?

Tire-derived fuel (TDF) obtained from pyrolysis plant by recycling like natural rubber and petroleum-derived materials, as an emerging renewable alternative energy source, has attracted widespread attention in the energy field for its definition and characteristics.

Tire derived fuel(TDF) has excellent properties such as high calorific value, low production cost, and wide range of applications. These characteristics give tire pyrolysis oil high potential and advantages in energy utilization.

tire derived fuel pyrolysis plantWaste tire derived fuel production pyrolysis plant

First of all, the high calorific value of tire derived fuel means that it can release more energy when burned, thus improving energy efficiency. Generally speaking, the calorific value of tire pyrolysis oil is as high as 38–45 MJ/kg. Compared with traditional fossil fuels, tire pyrolysis derived fuel generates higher heat during the combustion process and can meet energy needs in more areas. In addition, it can also alleviate certain energy shortages.

The production process of tire pyrolysis derived fuel is low-cost and has large profit margins. Waste tires, waste rubber, etc. are used as raw materials of waste tire pyrolysis plant, and tire pyrolysis oil can be obtained after pyrolysis treatment. Therefore, tire pyrolysis oil has a greater advantage in production cost, which provides favorable conditions for its promotion and application in the energy market.

tire derived fuel production processWaste tire derived fuel pyrolysis process

In addition, tire pyrolysis oil has a wide range of applications, such as other aspects in the industrial field and energy field. For example, tire pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel oil for power generation, heating and other fields, such as brick factories, steel plants, glass factories, cement plants or heavy industrial boiler heating. It can also be further processed into non-standard diesel through the pyrolysis oil distillation plant, which can be used in diesel generators, trucks, ships, boats, tractors, road rollers and other heavy machinery. The expansion of these application fields provides broad space for the market demand for tire pyrolysis oil.

tire pyrolysis derived fuel usagesWaste tire pyrolysis derived fuel usages and applications

In summary, tire derived fuel(TDF), as an emerging alternative energy source extracted from tire pyrolysis plant, has great potential and advantages in the energy field because of its definition and characteristics. In the future, with the continuous growth of energy demand and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, tire pyrolysis oil is expected to become an important alternative energy source and be widely used. Therefore, the business prospect of using pyrolysis plants to produce tire derived fuel from tires is great.

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