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How long is the investment return period for pyrolysis plant?

The investment return period of DOING pyrolysis plant is generally about 3-4 months, depending on investment amount, the processing capacity the customers want to install, the equipment configuration customers would like to adopt, and other factors.

pyrolysis plantHow is the investment for buiding a pyrolysis plant?

The investment amount mainly refers to the investment cost for pyrolysis plants, raw materials and machine running. You can compare different pyrolysis plants suppliers and purchase professional and energy-saving one at a relatively favorable price. The same goes for how to purchase raw materials.

Leaving aside the slight fluctuation factors above related to the market, the greater the processing capacity of pyrolysis plants, the longer the daily running time, the more products obtained and the greater the profit. So the larger the processing capacity, the more profit, and the shorter the return period.

DOING can provide pyrolysis plants with different processing capacity, ranging from 100kg to 70 tons per day, to meet different customer processing requirements. And there are different machine types to choose: skid-mounted type, batch type, continuous type. Among them, the fully continuous pyrolysis plant has the highest configurations, can 24/7hours running without stopping.

pyrolysis plantDOING factory different type waste pyrolysis plant

Small pyrolysis plants, such as 100kg, 500kg, 1 ton and 2 ton processing capacities, are mainly used for preliminary testing, to prove to the government that the project is pollution-free, or to show to investors for use in larger projects. If expansion is considered, it is recommended to use at least 10 tons of processing capacity per day.

Today, we take the 12-ton processing capacity most commonly used by foreign customers as an example. According to the feedback from foreign customers, each ton of tires is about $120, so the daily raw material price is: 12*120= $1440. The environment-friendly pyrolysis plant produced by Henan DOING can produce about 5.4 tons of oil, and the profit of tire oil is 5.4*900=4860 USD; About 1.8 tons of steel wire can be obtained, and the profit is 1.8*700=1260 dollars. The profit from the product is $6,120 per day. Workers cost $200 / day (two people), electricity consumption 25*10=250KW. The profit per day is at least 3500-4000 dollars per day.

waste tyres pyrolysis plantThe product of waste tyres pyrolysis plant

In addition, it produces black carbon, which can also be sold. Thus it can be seen that the profit of doing pyrolysis plant project is very considerable and the investment return period for pyrolysis plant is quick.

Therefore, if you have enough waste and want to get rid of it and make a profit at the same time, pyrolysis projects are definitely a good option. But this requires the customer to find a suitable ad reliable pyrolysis plant supplier, to provide mature technology, environmental protection and safe equipment, guaranteed after sale. DOING can be one of your top priorities. If you have any questions, please leave DOING a message to get in contact with our professional business managers.

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