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30TPD fully automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant was put into operation in Kazakhstan

Congratulations to the Kazakhstan customer's 30TPD fully automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant project officially launched in September 2021. At present, the 30TPD fully automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant has been successfully put into operation in Kazakhstan.

Now let's see the installation site pictures of 30TPD fully automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant:

fully continuous pyrolysis plant30TPD fully continuous waste tires pyrolysis plant

This fully automatic waste tire to fuel oil production line is composed of two kinds of machines, one is the rubber powder processing machine, and the other is waste tire pyrolysis plant. The rubber powder processing machine is used to process the raw materials like waste tires and waste rubber with steel wire into smaller pieces or rubber powder. Then the processed raw materials can be directly fed into the waste tire pyrolysis plant reactor. And the waste tire pyrolysis plant can keep running for 24 hours without stopping to discharge the steel wire in batches.

Considering the large daily processing needs of this customer, there is no doubt that the fully automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant can maximum the profits, which is the best choice to help customers efficiently recycle waste tires into pyrolysis oil, sysn-gas, carbon black, etc.

pyrolysis plantThe process of waste tyres pyrolysis plant

Here we need to mention that the fully automatic/continuous pyrolysis technology is the most advanced technology of pyrolysis industry. And not every pyrolysis plant supplier can offer you high quality fully automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant. While selecting the fully automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant supplier, we need to pay attention to the maturity of pyrolysis technology and pyrolysis equipment design, customers feedback, installation projects, factory scales, etc.

The Kazakhstan customer started sending enquiries to us under the introduction of his business partner, our regular customer. Besides that, in September 2020, he assigned his Chinese friends, who had worked with him for more than 20 years, to visit our DOING Company. Our project manager welcomely showed his Chinese friend around our factory and waste tire pyrolysis plant prototype. So this Kazakhstan customer knew well about our company's rich manufacturing and installation experience, and the running state of our waste tire pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plantThe instillation  details of continuous pyrolysis plant project cases

In addition to Kazakhstan, our fully automatic pyrolysis plants are also popular in Spain, Russia, Brazil, India, Australia, etc. If you are looking for reliable fully automatic pyrolysis plant manufacturers, welcome to consult us to get the machine details and favorable quotations.


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