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Is coal tar oil recyclable? What machine can recycle it?

Coal tar oil is a by-product in the coal chemical industry and a raw material with extremely high recovery value. Among the many complicated and high-cost recycling methods such as dehydration distillation, hydrocracking, and catalysis, pyrolyzing coal tar oil to obtain fuel oil is undoubtedly the best solution.

DOING pyrolysis plant can decompose the organic matter by heating the coal tar oil residue at high temperature in the absence of oxygen or lack of oxygen. The macromolecules of organic matter are cracked as small molecules, thereby obtaining chemical products such as fuel oil, syn-gas and coke. Next is a detailed interpretation of the coal tar oil pyrolysis process and coal tar oil recycling machine---pyrolysis plant.

1. Coal tar oil pyrolysis process

First, the coal tar oil enters the pyrolysis reactor through the automatic feeder for high-temperature pyrolysis. When the temperature in the furnace reaches 250 °C, oil gas and waste residues begin to be generated; then, the generated oil gas enters the buffer tank to buffer oil gas and settle impurities, and it will be cooled into liquid fuel oil by condensing system; the remaining non-condensable gas will enter the exhaust gas purification device, and after purification, it will be returned to the pyrolysis reactor as fuel for combustion; then the coke residue is discharged and collected.

tar oil pyrolysis plantTwo types tar oil pyrolysis plants

The fuel oil extracted from coal tar oil has high calorific value, which can be widely used in industrial and civil fuel fields. And you can sell them at a good price in the market.

2. Coal tar oil pyrolysis plant

Coal tar oil pyrolysis plant is mainly composed of a series of equipment such as pyrolysis reactor, buffer tank, condensation system, oil-water separator, water seal, desulfurization tower, slag discharge system, heat transfer oil furnace and negative pressure device. The details of equipment configuration may vary according to the detailed needs.

pyrolysis plantThe details of fully continuous tar oil pyrolysis plant

Based on the requirements of customers and technology innovation, DOIN Company

Designed two types of coal tar oil pyrolysis plan: continuous coal tar oil pyrolysis plant and intermittent coal tar oil pyrolysis plant. But they are different in the degree of automation and processing capacity.

The coal tar oil pyrolysis plant developed and designed by Henan Doing Company has undergone technological changes and innovations, providing a good model for the greening and resource utilization of coal tar oil residues. Welcome to consult DOING for detailed machine details and free quotations.


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