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How to treat the waste water from waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant?

In the pyrolysis process from waste tires and waste plastics to fuel oil, water is inevitably used in oil gas cooling and exhaust gas purification. Today, when the cost of sewage treatment is so high, how to deal with the waste water from waste tire pyrolysis plant?

pyrolysis plantDOING waste tyres/plastics pyrolysis plant

In fact, if you use DOING waste tires plastic pyrolysis plant, you don’t need to worry about the treatment of waste water and the standard discharge. Let me give you a detailed introduction in terms of water use and environmental protection measures:

First of all, the waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant uses very little water. The waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant manufactured by Henan Doing Company uses circulating water in the whole waste tire plastic to oil pyrolysis process, whether it is cooling water or dedusting water, to ensure zero discharge of waste water during the production process.

At the same time, DOING waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant’s condensing equipment adopts an innovative condenser design, and the design of the oil inside the tube and the water outside the tube ensures zero contact between water and oil, and the cooling water can be recycled. This is not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also avoids the high cost of building wastewater treatment plants!

pyrolysis plantDOING waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant’s condensing equipment

In addition, in the exhaust gas purification process, circulating water is also used in the spray tank. The acidic substances absorbed in the water will make the water acidic and produce some weakly acidic wastewater. Every ton of pyrolysis oil produced from waste tire plastic will produce about 50kg of waste water. However, it only needs to be neutralized and settled with a small amount of alkaline substances to achieve harmless natural degradation.

Therefore, DOING waste tires plastic pyrolysis plant hardly produce waste water, and even a small amount of weak acid waste water produced can be discharged up to the emission standard after treatment.

The waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant developed and designed by Henan Doing Company provides environmental protection treatment solutions for the waste water, waste gas and solid waste produced in the pyrolysis process. It can truly realize the harmlessness resource utilization of waste tires and waste plastics, which can achieve a win-win environment and economic benefits.


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