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How much is the cost of setting up a waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in India?

There are lots of waste tyres to be processed in India. Meanwhile, the oil price is higher and higher. As a good substitution of crude oil, the tyre oil has been used in many places, the need for this oil is growing. Based on this background, more and more people have the idea of setting up a waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in India.

tyre pyrolysis plant indiaDOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in India

For people who want to do tyre pyrolysis business in India, the first issue they concern is the cost. To calculate the cost, we need consider the waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost, local factory buildings establishment cost, water/electric/labor cost, and raw material cost.

Firstly, the waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost

The equipment cost is mainly influenced by the processing capacity, machines configuration and automatic degree. Generally, the processing capacity is 10ton to 50ton per day. DOING Company has two type of waste tyre pyrolysis plant for you to choose, batch type and continuous one. The batch machine can process 1ton, 6ton, 10ton, 12ton waste tyre per day while the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant can process much more raw material, up to 50 ton per day. Both type pyrolysis plant have different configuration, including reactor, cooling system, environmental protection system, etc. For different waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the machine cost varies greatly, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

tyre pyrolysis plant indiaBatch waste tyre pyrolysis plant in customer's factory

Secondly, the factory establishment cost

Factory establishment cost differs according to your processing capacity, factory site, etc.. Large capacity waste tyre pyrolysis plant requires more raw materials, larger equipment and larger factory area, and therefore higher cost. Even the same capacity, if the factory is in different state in India, or established by different construction company, the factory buildings establish cost will be different.

You can estimate the factory establishment cost based on local conditions. Of course, DOING Company project engineer can design factory layout according to your equipment size and and factory terrain, so as to save factory area and cost for you.

tyre pyrolysis plant indiaWaste tyre pyrolysis factory is being installed in India

Thirdly, water/electric/labour cost

These costs are essential for the smooth operation of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, it depends on the local cost and your processing capacity. Different tyre pyrolysis plant line consumes different water, electric and labors, you can contact DOING for detail information.

tyre pyrolysis plant indiaThe equipment operation cost

Forth, raw material cost

The raw material cost is not much. In India, waste tyres can be seen everywhere and they are not been processed very well, so pollute the local environment seriously, resulting the low cost of waste tyre. In some areas, the waste tyre is free of charge, even there are even subsidies for waste tyre pyrolysis plant project.

To sum up, this is the briefly analysis of the cost of setting up a waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in India. If you want to know more details, please contact us, our project manager can give you detail quotation based on your requests.

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