tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tire pyrolysis plant 3D running video

This is the waste tire pyrolysis plant running video. DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant can make oil from waste tire through three steps:

The first step is to put the tires into the automatic feeder. At present, many countries and regions require only automatic feeding, which is more efficient and safer. Our automatic feeders are hydraulically designed to push the tires into the reactor by 50 tone pressure.

Secondly, heat the pyrolysis reactor. At the beginning, you can turn the firepower to the maximum and heat it for 1-2 hours. At the same time, the exhaust gas spray gun can be turned on, and then all the burners are turned off one after another, and the temperature is controlled at about 350 ° C when the oil gas is produced.

Finally, cool the oil gas into fuel oil. In this step, cooling system is required and DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant has 3-steps shell and tube condersers to achieve this function. Then the fuel oil is collected in a tank temporarily.

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