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The PCB separator machine purchased by Indian customer has been put into production

On December 3, 2019, The PCB separator machine purchased by Indian customer has been put into production. The following is the operation picture of the PCB separator machine.

PCB separator machine PCB separator machine and the separated metals

The India customer learnt about DOING PCB separator machine from the web. He has 25 years of experience in the recycling business, he feels that PCB recycling is a good business, so the customer got in touch with our sales manager. The customer have a preliminary understanding of DOING PCB separator machine through videos and materials, On June 2, India customer visited we DOING factory.

India customer in DOING factoryIndia customer in DOING factory

Our manager accompanied the customer to DOING factory to visit the running PCB recycling test, while they were in factory, the customer asked many questions. Like metals separated from waste circuit board, the separation rate of PCB separator machine and whether the PCB separator machine pollute the environment.

Customers were surprised when our sales manager said that waste circuit boards could recycle gold, copper, aluminum and other rare metals. He said that he did not know that there were gold and other rare metals in the waste circuit board. when our manager told him that the separation rate of DOING PCB separator machine could reach to 99.9%, the customer was very satisfied. After returning to our office from the factory, he decided to sign a contract with us.

India customer in DOING companyIndia customer signs the contract at DOING company

In October 2019, the PCB separator machine ordered by the customer was completed. All parts of the machine were packed and shipped from Qingdao Port to India. It takes 25 days to ship from Qingdao Port to India. After the PCB separator machine arrived in India, our engineers went to India for installation and operation training.

PCB separator machine installed in IndiaPCB separator machine is being installed in India

The processing capacity of this PCB separator machine is 500-600kg / h. Calculated based on eight hours of work per day. Excluding power consumption and labor costs, customers can make a profit of $ 2,000 per day.


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