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New catalytic technology pyrolysis oil to diesel recycling process introduction

DOING Distillation plant is designed for further refining of pyrolysis oil and waste oil into diesel. To reach different customers to meet different environmental standards, DOING has developed two different designs of catalyst methods: the liquid catalyst type and solid catalyst type. And these two catalytic technologies have the almost same pyrolysis oil to diesel recycling process.

waste oil distillation plantDOING two different types waste oil distillation plant

The whole refining process of DOING pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant includes several steps:

(1) Distillation: First, the collected pyrolysis oil is injected into the distillation reactor of the distillation plant, and then the pyrolysis oil is boiled and gasified through the heat transfer oil heating system and the fuel heating system.

(2) Oil color&odor removal: The generated oil gas is further catalyzed by the liquid or solid catalyst to remove the colloid and wax in the oil gas. After degumming and dewaxing, the oil color will become clearer and the unpleasant smell will be removed.

(3) Further purification process: The oil gas enters the condensing system after the catalytic reaction, and the oil and gas are liquefied into diesel oil through the circulating cooling water in the condensing system and enter the temporary storage tank. The diesel oil refined by the waste oil refining diesel equipment is introduced into the decolorization system, and the color of the diesel after decolorization is clearer and brighter.

Finally, we can obtain the clean, bright, non-specified diesel from pyrolysis oil.

Then which kind of catalytic technology should we choose to convert pyrolysis oil into diesel? Just learn about the following detailed introduction.

1. Normal design of liquid catalyst

The conventional design of DOING's distillation plant is to use liquid catalysts, which are mainly common chemicals in the market, which are cheap and readily available.

 Normal design of liquid catalyst Normal design of liquid catalyst

Although this process does not cause any pollution to the environment, some customers in developed countries have higher requirements for this process to meet higher environmental standards, so DOING has developed a new solid catalyst design to meet such standards.

2. New and latest technology of solid catalyst

The latest solid catalyst uses this process to catalytically crack heavy oil fractions into light oil fractions, replacing traditional acid-base washing processes and improving production efficiency. At the same time, it solves some wastewater problems that might exist in conventional design catalyst. This greatly improves the customer's environmental protection standards, and is more suitable for countries with high requirements on this aspect, such as Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan or South Korea.

New and latest technology of solid catalystNew and latest technology of solid catalyst

But this process requires the use of different solid catalysts for different materials. Tire pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil and waste engine oil need to use different special solid catalysts. So the solid catalyst technology might be more complicated than the original process.

If you are still confused about the conventional and new catalyst methods of pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant, or are not sure whether this solid catalyst is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to contact DOING and let the professional business manager of DOING know so as to solve your questions and recommend the most appropriate installation method.

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