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How much does a set of waste oil distillation machine cost?

Manufactures usually can’t offer the quotes about the cost of waste oil distillation machine directly until they learn about your detailed requirements. Because how much does a set of waste oil distillation machine cost depends on the factors like processing capacity, configuration, design, manufacturers of the equipment, etc.

1.Equipment processing capacity

For waste oil distillation machine, Doing Company can offer the equipment with the processing capacity from 100KG/D-14TPD to meet different requirements of customers. The bigger the processing capacity, the higher the cost of the waste oil distillation machine.

 waste oil distillation machineDifferent capacity waste oil to diesel machine

2.Equipment configuration

In addition to the standard configuration of waste oil distillation machine, there are also some optional devices such as burner, double heating system, decolorization system, etc. The higher the equipment configuration, the better the equipment performance, the higher the cost of waste oil distillation machine.

3.Equipment design

Henna Doing Company has two designs of the waste oil distillation machine. Traditional design requires customers to purchase liquid catalysts from the local market, which has a relatively low input cost. The new one uses solid catalysts, which customers can buy directly from us. This new design waste oil distillation machine is easy to operate and offer great convenience for the customers who can’t get the catalyst from local market, but the investment cost is higher than the traditional type.

waste oil distillation machineTwo types waste oil distillation machine

4.Equipment manufactures

Generally speaking, the professional manufactures can customize the waste oil distillation machine at a more competitive price than the middlemen. And the equipment quality is better, the high the output and the quality of final diesel oil. So it’s recommended to purchase the waste oil distillation machine from professional manufactures so that you can save your investment cost.

Henan Doing Company has exported equipment to more than 90 countries and regions. The equipment quality and distillation technology are highly praised by many customers. If you have demands of waste oil distillation machine, welcome to inquiry us to get the free quote and customize it at factory price. We will assist you to make full use of these investment costs to obtain great profits!

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