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An Indian customer repurchased waste tyres/plastics pyrolysis equipment for the third time from DOING company

Congratulations! On September 15,2022,an Indian customer cooperated with DOING to repurchase waste a set of 12TPD waste tyres/plastics pyrolysis equipment for the third time.This Indian customer is running a multinational company in India, which is mainly engaged in waste scrap metal industry,and waste plastics to fuel business is a new field that they have expanded.(Pyrolysis equipment mainly turns waste tyres/plastic into fuel oil,which can convert waste to energy with environmental way) One years ago,they have been established 2 waste plastics/tyres pyrolysis production lines in Gahana.This time, an additional line is added to Ghana.

pyrolysis plantBatch type waste tyres/plastics pyrolysis production line

A year ago, the customer saw that the refining of waste tires was very profitable and decided to expand the field of his company. Before this, the customer also consulted the local oil refining equipment, but the quality of the equipment and the company's strength did not meet the customer's requirements, so they contacted us through the official website. After our business manager introduced the process, profit and cost of the equipment to the customer in detail, and formulated a detailed plan for the customer in combination with local policies. In addition, we also showed the customer the strength of the factory through WeChat video, and our rich export experience.

pyrolysis plantThe finnal products of pyrolysis equipment

The customer also paid more attention to the company's strength and the quality and price of the equipment . After a month of negotiation, they decided to purchase a production line to test the machine in Ghana. After testing, it was found that the equipment was running well and met the customer's expectations, so in March this year, the second pyrolysis equipment production line was decisively purchased.

After the customer expanded production, the profits were huge, and they also trusted our products and equipment very much, so they purchased equipment from the company for the third time in September this year. The business of Indian partners is getting more and more prosperous, and I look forward to working together again! If you are interested in waste tires and plastic refining equipment, please feel free to contact us, DOING is looking forward to cooperating with you!


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