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DOING interesting recreational activity

With the development and expansion of the company, a group of new colleagues joined the big family of Dong. In order to help them quickly integrate into the team, Doing company specially held a colorful entertainment activity on the 25th April, 2020. This activity includes three parts: Firstly, self-introduction of new employees. Secondly, game parts including three games-fruit bowling, melon eating competition, guess the pictures, all employees are actively involved in these games. Thirdly, prizing the winners.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantEmployees are waiting for the beginning of the activity

Firstly, eight new employees introduced themselves in front of all colleagues. Their self- introduction always ended with the warm applause. After finishing the self-introduce, we come to the next part which is looking forward by all emplooyees.

waste tire and plastic pyrolysis plantNew emplyees are self-introducing

At the first game, the 15 participants of Fruit bowling are divided into three groups, everybody needs to draw a number to get his or her bowl which can be a casaba, an orange, a banana, an apple or a small longan. Winning this game, the participant need a certain level of accuracy and strength to get points.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantParticipant is bowling with her unique bowl

The next game is melon eating competition which including six groups. Each group has two people, one is feeding, the other one eating. All employees are amused by these participants.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantParticipants are eating melon

Guessing the pictures is the last game of this recreational activity, including three groups. The pictures of each group have different themes. Group one needs to guess the right idioms, Group two, the name of the fruit, Group three, the role name of Journey to the West. I have to say each one is not easy to guess.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantParticipants are guessing the pictures

At the end of the activity, it’s time to prize the winners of each game. Congratulations to them!

waste tyre pyrolysis plantWinners and their surprising gifts

By now, the whole activity has come to an end. All people have enjoyed a good time in this activity. In the following days, all employees of Doing Group will be more motivated to finish their work and work together to creat a bight future for Doing!

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